Casino Players that became rich

Do you really win with luck in land-based casinos and the best online casinos? Some casino reviews and experiences like to say the opposite, but if we really want to find a reliable answer to this question, we should take a look at the most successful players in casino history. Here are our top 5:

1 Edward Thorp

Edward Thorp is a man of numbers. He has a master’s degree in physics and a doctorate in mathematics, so it comes as no surprise that he is also called the “father of card counting”.

Edward Thorp researched blackjack using scientific methods, pushing the game to a whole new level.
In his book Beat the Dealer, Edward Thorp shared his revolutionary point system and card counting tactics with the public. Thorp later turned to the stock market and made a fortune with hedge funds.

2 Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson is the star of the poker scene. In his impressive career, he won the prestigious World Series of Poker (WSOP) twice. In over 50 years of poker, his path led directly to the coveted Poker Hall of Fame. He is also the first poker player to win more than $ 1 million in prize money.

3 Bill Benter

Bill Benter improved his card counting strategy with the help of Edward Thorp’s book. During his 7-year triumphal march across Las Vegas, he quickly found himself on the black list of most casinos.

Benter helped develop software that could predict the horse racing winner.
Bill Benter developed his ground-breaking gaming software in Hong Kong. It should turn out to be an enormous success and rumours have it that he will win up to $ 100 million a year.

4 Zeljko Ranogajec

Zeljko “The Joker” Ranogajec is an Australian player who also started card counting in blackjack. He studied law and business administration when he met the mathematician David Walsh. This was the start of their triumphal march in Australian casinos. He is now said to spend up to $ 1 billion a year on gambling and swears by horse betting.

5 Billy Walters

Billy Walters is considered the king of sports betting. His fortune is estimated at over $ 200 million and his income is said to be $ 15 million a year. Because of its high profile, Walters often has its bets placed through middlemen. In 2017, however, he was sentenced to five years in prison and $ 10 million for insider trading